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It’s the 20’s all over again

Any decent party needs a theme! America is celebrating the 20’s all over again. It was a rip-roaring time that featured Speakeasy’s and back alley drinking and gambling.

The speakeasies of yesteryear were bursting at the seams of unassuming back alley entranceways until you were greeted by Big Al at the sliding peephoole door.   After you entered, they were elegant places that were playful, intriguing, and mysterious. It featured illegal gambling and Hooch as well as all that Jazz, the rhythm of the era.  Casino Parties by Show Biz Productions has the décor items, actors and actresses to replicate this era of gangster/flapper fun at your next event.

This time also featured Great Gatsby Long Island yard parties. These parties were very elegant and glamorous and held in Gatsby’s mansion.  The theme of The Great Gatsby is the american dream as well as a romantic story. It also included swing jazz, casino tables, feathers and champagne! It was an extravagant party. Show Biz Productions recreates this F.Scott Fitzgerald theme with its white canvas palm trees, faux marble archway and pillars topped with ferns as well as unique lighting.  We can outfit your guests with fedora hats, beads and feathers to make them feel like they are Jay Gatsby and Daisy.


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