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Let Show Biz productions help you with your very own personalized Wild West Party or Texas Hold 'Em Poker Event, but be careful "partner".....If you start any trouble, you may find yourself being hauled off to jail by the Sheriff.

The following is a partial listing of our Wild West props and decorations. Packages can be customized to suit your needs and budget. Please ask for further details.

  • Saloon Front: With swinging doors - What western town was without this! (Can be the entrance to your event)
  • Bar(for Saloon)-(16'W)- This is a working bar capable of serving beverages, gives a great "interactive" feel to your western props and decoration
  • Bar(interior wall)-(20'Wx10'H) Complete with painting of beautiful woman to add to that "true western" feel
  • Cashiers Cage-(5'Wx8'H) Great to put near the casino action. Gives the gaming tables a greater western feel if you mosey on up to the cashiers cage like a great prospector
  • Assorted Western Props package-all the little things that make the props and decorations "come alive", bales of hay, crates, barrels, feed bags etc.
  • Customized Welcome SignWestern Style porch facade: Ideal backdrop for band or DJ on stage/riser
  • Canvas Cowboy: Approx. 8' tall. Giant painted square jawed cowboy to watch over the town and pose for photos.
  • Cowboy Cut-out for Photo ops - Place your face in the cutout and have the cartoonish body of a cowboy. Great souvenir photo
  • Mechanical Bull Rodeo: Ride the Bull - see how long you can last!

Saloon Entrance With Swinging Doors (can be customized)

Saloon Entrance With Swinging Doors (can be customized)

Mechanical Bull

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