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Each of the following virtual game show experiences are great for corporate events, team building/bonding events, holiday parties, happy hours, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions, and remote conferences. Prepare for the most fun you'll ever have on Zoom!

Crowd Says

Virtual Bingo

Cost is Correct


Held all over the world, Bingo Nights have the unique ability to excite guests with every ball called and a never-ending stream of chances to win. Our games feature a highly entertaining caller and a professional-grade bingo blower while turning your screen into a virtual bingo hall. Virtual bingo cards are included.

The "IN" Crowd

This opinion-based survey game is perfect for small and large groups; each game is a custom-made experience and will differ depending on each group of guests.

Take It or Leave It

In this Deal or No Deal-inspired virtual game show, Take It or Leave It, the fun never stops! Brighten up any virtual event with this or any of our other virtual entertainment experiences. This program can be utilized in determining a big winner and what prize they will be winning during the final wrap-up of a virtual casino night or game show.

Crowd Says

The game consists of two teams of four guessing the top answers to fill-in-the-blank survey questions. Well-suited for fast-paced, team building activities.

Wheel of Words

Based on Wheel of Fortune, this game show in which three contestants attempt to solve word puzzles and spin the big wheel.

The Cost is Correct

Based on the Price is Right, television's longest running game show, the Cost is Correct features a wide variety of games and contests with the same basic challenge: guess the prices of everyday (or not-quite-everyday) retail items.

Take A Chance

Based on Press Your Luck, this virtual game show experience is a game of wits, strategy, and high stakes.

The Pyramid

Based on the timeless word association game, the Pyramid showcases teams of contestants facing off in a race against the clock by trying to get your partner to say a word only by describing it.


In this game, two teams attempt to convey mystery words to each other using only single-word clues.

Name that Track

This is our song identifying game, think of it as in the same family as Name that Tune and Beat Shazam. It can either by played as a MASSIVE game, with multiple choices or as a buzzer game where players race each other to correctly identify a song or artist faster than other players.

Puzzle Hunts

A team-building puzzle game where your team of 3-5 works together to solve a central puzzle, by solving 10 connected puzzles faster than other teams. This is a satisfying mix of puzzles, teamwork, and timed pressure.

With the use of multiple Zoom breakout rooms, all of these game shows can be played in conjunction with our virtual casino nights or various other virtual entertainment programs we offer. The majority of these games can be played in a virtual, live, or hybrid setting. Our game show hosts have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and eager to exceed your and your guests' expectations!