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Horse Race Themed Parties by Show Biz Productions

And they're off! Enjoy watching and participating in 2 uniquely different Horse Race Programs! Our Race to the Finish maximizes audience participation as your guests compete as jockeys moving their horse down the straightaway, to the finish line. The horses advance down the track, based on the rolls of the giant dice thrown. If the Five and Six come up on the dice, the 5 and 6 horse gets to advance one space down the track, however, if its double Sixes, the #6 horse gets to move 2 spaces down the straightaway! The program includes a Master of Ceremonies, who announces the races, which can be customized with the names of your guests! There is also our Cinema Horse Race Program, which can have up to 10 races, shown on a large screen. Both of these programs can be customized, with names for your horses and even jockeys or owners! These programs can also include cashiers, jockey girls, trumpeters, as well as an odds board, where odds can be calculated, according to pari-mutual wagering.

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