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Hit '21' with a Blackjack Tournament from Show Biz Productions

Add the excitement of blackjack to your next event!

Show Biz Productions can provide professional Blackjack tournaments for your next event!

Blackjack tournament is similar to a Poker tournament in that fact the players are playing against one another as opposed to against the dealer. This gives your guests a different level of excitement and strategy. It is a great opportunity for your Blackjack players to interact in a healthy spirit of fun competition.

We start our Blackjack tournaments with giving your guests the tournament rules and regulations. Everybody starts with a fictional bankroll and it is up to them to manage their strategy and bankroll. The one who earns the most chips and has more than any other competitor, is announced the winner! At Show Biz Productions we employ rules and regulations that make the betting rotate and keep it fair for everyone.

A Blackjack Tournament can be added to your fundraiser, company party, Poker tournament and private party. Contact us to learn more about Blackjack tournaments today!

blackjack table rentals
blackjack table rentals

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