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casino fundraiser tampa fl

Hire us for your Poker charity event or Casino Fundraiser in Washington, DC, VA, MD Or Naples & Orlando, FL

Casino Fundraisers, Casino Night Charity Events and Charity Poker Tournaments by Show Biz Productions are a great way to raise money for your charity, non-profit group or organization while providing great casino fun and entertainment for your guests. We'll provide a complete casino event experience that's sure to put your donors in a good-and generous-mood!

We offer casino fundraising event services in Naples FL, Orlando FL, Northern VA, the greater Baltimore, MD Area and the Metro Washington D.C. areas.

  • Casino-themed games and professional dealers
  • Professional DJ services
  • Auctioneer services for raffles and blind auctions
  • Live music options, including jazz bands, orchestral troupes, pianists and harpists

casino fundraiser tampa fl

3 reasons to host a Casino Party fundraiser or Charity Poker Tournament

  1. Originality. With a casino party, your organization is sure to have one of the most unique fundraising events on your donors' calendars!
  2. Fun. If your donors are having a good time, they're far more likely to donate money to your cause or organization. What better environment than a casino for creating buzz and excitement?
  3. Complete event services. Why coordinate with several different companies when you can hire us? Casino Parties by Show Biz Productions provides a complete party experience to make your job as the host easy!
Are you ready to make money? Contact Casino Parties by Show Biz Productions today to ensure your next Orlando, FL, Naples FL, MD area, Northern VA Area or Greater Washington, DC area casino fundraiser is a smashing success!
Casino Fundraisers and Charity Poker Tournaments are a great idea to help raise money for the following:
  • Church Fundraisers
  • Youth Group Fundraisers
  • Athletic Team Fundraisers
  • Band Fundraisers
  • PTA Fundraisers and PTO Fundraisers School Fundraisers
  • Fundraising for Medical Proceedures or People In Need
  • Disaster Recovery Fundraisers
  • Environmental Disaster Recovery Fundraisers
  • Pet Rescue Fundraisers
  • Sports Team Fundraisers
  • Or Any Other Fundraiser Idea You Might Have
Note: The client is responsible for determining the legality of their fundraising event and for obtaining all city, county and state permits if necessary. You may want to consult with independent legal counsel to ensure your event complies with your state law.


Serving Washington DC, Northern VA, The Greater Baltimore, MD Area, The Entire State of FL

Steve Phillips and SHOW BIZ PRODUCTIONS have been instrumental for over 35 years in assisting many charitable groups and associations with fundraising and social affairs.

Our experience has shown the most successful fundraisers to include cocktails, light buffet, or dinner, music, silent or live auction, and Casino entertainment. The ticket price should include the cost of the food, beverage, decor, music and casino entertainment. Local companies and corporations will often be willing to "sponsor" a gaming table. The amount you request is up to you, but whatever the donation, it adds to the profit line. Sponsorship should be recognized in your program, and with a tent card on their sponsored table ("This Table Sponsored By:____").

It is best to sell tickets in advance, and as guests enter, they should receive a small amount of "gaming" money to get them started. We will provide your group with gaming chips to sell at designated cashier tables. Our personnel are not permitted to handle money, and will direct your guests to the cashiers to purchase additional chips.

Since the object of gaming is to "win", and local laws do not permit redemption of chips for cash, donated prizes are the key to the amount of gaming your guests will be doing, and will be the barometer of the amount of funds raised. Winners can "cash in" their chips to our Croupiers (dealers) at the conclusion of the event, and receive raffle tickets or auction vouchers for prizes. Our Casino Night Procedure sheet goes into more detail regarding casino closing options.

Regarding prizes, many organizations solicit their members for donations and/or have their members solicit local merchants for prizes. Airline and travel agents are prospects for free travel, while area restaurants may be willing to donate dinners, athletic clubs - memberships, hotels - accommodations, salons/spas - services, etc..............

Show Biz Productions Croupiers (Dealers) are all professionally trained, and are extremely good at explaining the rules and methods of play at each game, thereby, making your guests more comfortable in participating.

We recommend the following Chip Values to ensure a smooth operation for everyone involved:







$ 1,000

$ 5,000

$ 25,000



$ 1 (*not sold individually)

$ 5 (minimum sale - can also do $10)

$ 25 (*or less)

$100 (*or less)

We suggest a minimum sale of $ 5.00- $ 10.00, and making the selling price of the Green Chip $ 20.00 - $ 25.00, and the Black Chip $75 - $100.00* See attached example from program insert.

The purpose in elevating the chip value, is to make the guests feel like "high rollers", as it is much more fun playing with "thousands" of dollars!

If you prefer, you can make it an even exchange: $1 will buy 1 white chip valued at $1, $5 will buy 1 red chip valued at $5, etc....

Show Biz Productions can supply not only a full casino operation, but can also enhance your function with our large inventory of props and decorations. We can create an entire theme, such as our elegant Monte Carlo Night, or our more fun spirited 1920's Speakeasy, or choose from a large selection of other themes : Western, Tropical, Riverboat, Mardi Gras, to name a few...., or we can simply add to the room decor with a customized welcome marquee in lights (42" x 30"), and our oversized (6' x 3') playing card cut-outs with chaser lights. We also provide backdrops for the stage or riser, cashier's booth, live trees with twinkle lights, and much, much more!

A full service entertainment company, Steve Phillips Show Biz Productions can provide any type of music desired, from a DJ to a large orchestra, as well as a variety of other entertainers and actors, including top name headliners, magicians, comedians, palmists, caricaturists, mimes, etc.....

We would be happy to meet with you and/or your committee, to walk you through your event, step by step. Please call at your earliest convenience, to discuss the many ways we can make your function a memorable and profitable event.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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