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Casino Night & Poker Night Parties by Show Biz Productions


Upon entering, each guest will receive a chip or customized play money valued at $25,000 or $100,000. (If event is a fundraiser, we suggest starting with $5,000 or $10,000, so guests will buy more chips!)

Each guest will trade their chip or play money in for chips in smaller denominations, at the gaming table where they wish to begin playing.

Chip values are: White = $ 1,000, Red = $ 5,000, Green = $ 25,000, Black = $100,000

If any guest needs assistance in learning to play one of the games, please ask one of our Croupiers, or a Pit Boss for help. They will be glad to explain.
Upon completion of gaming, each guest will cash in their remaining chips at a designated area, or, with the Croupiers and Pit Bosses who will cash them in at the gaming tables. We recommend that you provide prizes for the winners, to give the evening a competitive edge. Depending on the Casino Closing Option chosen:

AUCTION: Guests will be issued a voucher stating the amount cased in, which can be used or for bidding at the Auction, or for purchasing a gift at the Gift Shop.

GIFT SHOP: One prize/gift per voucher is recommended.

RAFFLE or SELECT RAFFLES: Guests can purchase 1 raffle ticket for every $ 25,000 in chips remaining Or at the close of the Casino. You can also give each guest 1 raffle ticket upon entering the Casino, along with their initial chip or play money. This method gives each guest a chance at winning a prize, whether they have Chips remaining at the close of the casino, or not. We will provide raffle Tickets and raffle drum. A Select Raffle is where your prizes are on display, and we will provide containers in front of each prize for your guests to drop their tickets in. This allows your guests to select the prize(s) they would like to win.

TOP WINNERS: The Croupier, Pit Boss or other designated Cashier will record each guest's name and amount of chips they have cashed in. They will then determine who the Top Winner(s) are.

Please discuss the closing options with your event coordinator, as one may be better suited for your group then another, depending on the number of guests, and number of prizes you provide. Also, discuss the amount each guest will receive initially, and the chip values, as these may be altered, depending on the type of event you are holding (i.e.: fund-raiser, sales incentive, team building.)

We look forward to answering any of your questions, and would be happy to attend a committee meeting, or a site inspection.

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