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James Bond Theme Party

Host a 007 James Bond Casino Party that comes complete with look-alikes Daniel Craig/ Sean Connery as well as Bond Girls and authentic Casino equipment with Professional Croupiers/Dealers. They will entertain and delight your guests with the look and feel of an action movie. James Bond theme party is the perfect idea for the guys and girls that like to party in style. Think black tuxedo, black bow tie and cocktail dresses for the ladies. If you want to create more thrills and excitement, we can also bring in a James Bond villain to mingle with your guests. This is one of our most popular themes and offers numerous opportunities for that glamourous lifestyle. Show Biz Productions can turn your party into a Casino action movie set for your next special event.

James Bond impersonator (Daniel Craig)
James Bond impersonator (Daniel Craig)
James Bond impersonator (Sean Connery) with Bond Girls
James Bond Casino Party
007 James Bond Theme Party
James Bond with Showgirls and Martini Gobo lights