How To Host a Private Home Casino Party!

For those planning or organizing a special Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Bar/Bat- Mitzvah, Quinceanera or just a neighborhood get together with friends can be a little overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help you plan, organize and conduct a successful Casino Night extravaganza. Everyone loves to be a high roller without suffering the consequences. This is a unique way to entertain your guests all in the spirit of fun and camaraderie. Here are some fun ideas to help you in coordinating a spectacular home casino party.


1.     Equipment and Games: this can be done on many different levels. You can go to a party store and buy some inexpensive felts that can be placed on top of your existing tables and have your friends take turns dealing the various games. This can be accomplished on a very small budget. For a more professional and engaging event, it would be beneficial hiring a professional company to come in and bring professional equipment like you would see in an actual Casino as well as experienced uniformed Croupiers/ Dealers. This affords your guests the opportunity to create the allure of being in a real Casino and the professional staff can teach your guests how to play the games as well as handle all the action your guests can throw at them.


2.     Creating a Theme for your Casino Party: The Casino events are very versatile and can fit into a number of atmospheres. Ideas can include a Roaring 20’s Speakeasy, Western, Cruise Ship, Monte Carlo, Great Gatsby, Vegas, Mardi Gras, Pirate or let your imagination go wild. The most economical way to convey these themes would be to accessorize your guests as they enter or include in the invitation the theme you are looking to create so they could dress accordingly. You can accessorize your guest by purchasing items such as fedora hats, tiaras, Mardi Gras beads, walking sticks, top hats, cigarette holders,  etc….  You can also hire a prop company that can bring more elaborate decorations such as lighted Card Cut Outs, Marquees, Vegas posters as well as Entertainers such as Showgirls, Cigarette girls, Cigar rollers, Caricature Artist, Close-up Magicians, Fortune Tellers and a DJ or a sound system for background music or dancing.


3.     Play Money and Chips: For social events guests should be given funny money or play money to enter the Casino. This is a great opportunity to honor a particular person such as a $50,000 bill –  (i.e. Bobs 50th Birthday party). You can even say something like “In Bob We Trust”.  There are many ways you can create this on your own such as using Microsoft apps by creating a template or Clipart or online websites such as Canva.  The play money can be taken to the gaming table where your dealers can exchange it for chips. The Chips should be in thousands of dollars so everyone knows it is not real money and you are playing for fun. The exception for this is if you are utilizing the Casino for a fundraising endeavor.


4.     Food and Drinks: You can hire a bartender or you can utilize a self-serve bar for your friends and guests. There should be a variety of walk around food that can be themed such as a Casino decorated cake for dessert or chips and dips in a Casino bowl or serving trays. You can purchase these at any party store. There should be enough food for your guests but don’t be concerned about serving a meal, finger foods can be passed around.


5.     Expenses: There are a wide range of costs that can be incurred producing one of these events as stated earlier. The event can be done inexpensively or you can hire a professional company to come in with authentic equipment, professional Croupiers/Dealers, Props, Décor, Bartenders, Caterers and Entertainers. It is wise to price shop and do your research but don’t take a chance on your special event. Sometimes you have to pay well for good service. If you are looking for a professional company with a winning hand, Show Biz Productions has been producing Casino parties throughout the country for 38 years. They can produce your home Casino Party that will lead your guests will the thrill and excitement that the Casino generates without leaving them with empty pockets.


6.     Prizes: It is always a good idea to give your guests a memento of a night that they broke the bank. Your guest might ask after they have had a successful evening at the gaming table and have amassed a large number of chips “what do I get?” Prizes can include a trophy, a box of chocolates, a nice bottle of wine, a certificate for dinner or anything your guests would like to take home. You can also do a fun prize for the big loser. A bottle of cheap wine to drown their sorrows or a pair of socks or a shirt because they lost their shirt playing the games or even a book on how to gamble; if you want to have some fun with it.


Casino Parties by Show Biz Productions has been producing Casino night extravaganzas for over 40 years. We can produce an event in your home or any location you would like. If you would like to hire a professional company with authentic equipment and Croupiers/Dealers in uniform please contact us to make your party a night to remember.

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