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The Cost is Correct - If you are a fan of America's favorite pricing game, then you are going to LOVE The Cost is Correct. Each round starts with players "bidding" to guess the price of an item "closest without going over" (or if you have A LOT of players, we can use a round of consumer trivia to pick our featured player). The chosen player then has a chance to play one of our pricing games that include classics like Three Strikes, Cliffhangers, The Range Game, Secret X, Lucky Seven etc. Players can either play for fun, or for real prizes if that fits in your budget. We have specifically chosen pricing games that are fun puzzles and guessing games the chosen player AND the crowd will have fun playing, and work well over virtual meeting platforms. No simple "pick the higher price" games for our shows. With more than a dozen pricing games available, every game will be different, even over multiple sessions. So get ready to "COME ON DOWN!!!"