Job Title: Croupiers and Gaming Dealers

Job Title: Croupiers and Gaming Dealers

Job Description:

• Responsible for overseeing and operating table games.

• Deals out cards to patrons for games of chance. We will train you.

• Supervises players, checks hands for winnings, and collects or deals out chips accordingly.

• Play house hands from behind a gaming table.

• Deal appropriate number of cards out to players.

• Check players' bets.

• Compare players' hands with the house and determine winner.

• Announce winner and begin new game.

• Exchange 'funny money' for chips to be used in games.

• Conduct other gambling games such as dice, roulette, cards, or keno.

• Inspect cards to ensure compliance with gaming standards

• Inspect gaming equipment

• Compute players' winnings and losses

• Answer questions about game rules and variations.

• Notify Pit Supervisor of any irregularities

• Solve disputes or arguments by conferring with Pit Supervisor

• Entice players to sit at table and play

• Assist in training new dealers.

Job Title: Event Setup Staff

Job Title: Event Setup Staff

Job Description:

• Flawlessly and gracefully assist service staff

• Aide guests to where restroom, food, and beverage facilities are located

• Follow all procedures and policies set forth by the company, division, and department

• Adhere to all health and safety regulations

• Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and organization of assigned work areas

•Complete duties such as setting up and tearing down tables, chairs, decorations, and serving utensils in the special event rooms.

•Previous experience preferred but a good attitude and the ability to learn goes a long way!

•Excellent customer service skills and a professional appearance and demeanor are extremely important to us!


• The ability to Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays.

• Able to walk/stand the entire shift

• Lift up to 40lbs.

• Can handle working in a hot environment

• Able to reach, bend, stoop, and walk up/down stairs

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