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Shout "Bingo" and win big with Show Biz Productions!

Show Biz Productions is now adding Bingo to our games of chance!

This service can be done in conjunction with our popular Casino Nights or as a stand-alone program. Players compete against one another to be the first to have a winning arrangement for a prize or Jackpot. Our callers have multiple games that they will play including Single Line, Four Corners, Floating Postage Stamps, Bonanza Bingo and Full Card Bingo.

We also have a Rock and Roll Bingo where the guests pick the spots by choosing the artist according to the music the DJ will play. The game can be rented and you can run it on your own or we can come and set-up with a professional caller, card checkers and a PA system. It is a great time to sit back and relax with friends.

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