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Craps Tournament Rules

June 26, 2019

We are happy to announce our new and exciting Craps tournament. Below are the rules:

Each guest receives $100,000 in tournament chips.

There is a $1,000 minimum and a $5,000 maximum, with the exception of betting on the 6 + 8, which would be $6,000 with double odds on each bet allowed. Hardways can only be bet for $1,000.

  • Each round will consist of 20 roles and the bets will go around the table with first person betting, followed in order by each player to keep the betting fair and even. Each player will be assigned a certain position on the table.
  • No late bets or called "Off Bets" are allowed. All bets must be made when the dice are in the center of the table in order.
  • Keep all your chips in plain sight. No hiding of chips or holding them in your hand unless you are putting them directly on the layout without delay.
  • There can be no conversation between players about their betting as this would be considered collusion between players. The players will receive one warning and then they will be disqualified and forfeit all chips.
  • You generally must keep the denominations separate. No "barber pole" alternating stripes or anything like that. However, if that rule isn't in place, then as I just mentioned; you can break your chips into the anticipated betting-units that you are planning to wager.
  • You cannot give your chips to another player at any time, nor can you take Odds behind someone else's bet even if they aren't laying Odds or even if they have excess "head room" on their Odds-bets or any other bet, and all chips must be accounted for before results become official.
  • In any disputes the Pit Boss/ Supervisor's decision is final.
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