Naples, FL Cigarette Girl

Viva Las Vegas!

Welcome to old Las Vegas, the Gambling Mecca in the desert oasis, where the Rat Pack would come to socialize with the stars of the `50’s and `60’s.....when music was music and ladies were queens!

  • Customized, vintage “Welcome to Fabulous (“ customization“) Las Vegas Nevada”sign that guests will walk through to enter the ballroom. 8’ tall x 6’ wide, framed in gold glitter with lights.
  • Customized Welcome Marquee in lights “Welcome to (“customization”) Casino Night”
  • Giant, colorful Playing Cards (6’ x 3’) with chaser lights (per set)
  • Black & White Glitter Silhouette Dancing Couple with lights. (per set)
  • Giant Pair of Dice (3’ x 3’) Black & White (per set)
  • Large Vintage Las Vegas Posters mounted in frames on stands with lights. (7’ x 5’) (4’ x 3’)
  • White Canvas Palm Trees with colorful up-lighting, assorted sizes (group of 4) Green Palm Trees with Burlap Trunks and Green Banana Leaves (4’-6’ tall) (set of 4)
  • Vegas Style Entertainers, Impersonators, Look-A-Likes, Cigar/Cigarette Girls (can hand out your provided party favors, mints, gum etc....), Show Girls, and more! TBD

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