Show Biz Productions Can Help You Throw The Perfect Game Show Or Murder Mystery Night!

Game shows includes master of ceremonies, podiums with bells and buzzers as well as a sound system. We can customize a game using information about you, your group, or simply general trivia. This is a great audience participation event that gets everyone involved. Games include Bingo, Corporate Feud, Wheel of Fun, Match the Word, You Want to be a Millionaire, Double Jeopardy and Make a Deal or Not.

Each play is self-contained and tells the story of a murder. Actors narrate the play. Before they begin, several people in the audience are given parts to read. They receive a few pages of the script with their parts highlighted and they are requested to “stand and read the part at the appropriate time” No one has to learn lines and all of the speeches are short and easy to read and say..

We can also bring in professional actors to play all the parts. Half way through the play, after the murder has occurred, the suspects have been identified and their motives established, the narration stops and the audience has a chance to discuss the crime amongst themselves, review what was said, ask each other questions and write a solution either individually or in informal groups. The investigator collects thesolutions, continues the narration and the crime is solved.

  • Show Biz Productions can offer you unusual entertainment for your clients with murder mysteries tailored to a specific business or party theme. We can accommodate any size group and at your location or other venue, any day or night.
  • Prices vary according to the location, number of attendees etc, please call for quotations.
  • Also available are murder mystery games for participants of up to 20 persons and also a one person murder mystery presentation.


  • Fun, sociable and easy to present
  • Suitable for any size group from 10 to 500
  • Presented in 45 minutes to an hour (times are flexible)
  • We have props and decor to embellish the play